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January 3, 1942 ~ March 22, 2018 (age 76)

 Here are the basics ~

            My name ~ Dennis Michael Haley

            1-3-1942 ~ EOW 3- 22- 2018

            My home ~  Placerville, California 95667


I did something really stupid for my age and current health status, I got up on a ladder without letting my wife know and fell, plain and simple a very stupid thing to do, because it cost me my life which so far had been pretty good. Not much more to say but I will. Here's what I want you to know.

I lived 76 years to the best of my ability. I loved, laughed (my kids could make me laugh harder than anyone, except my Cuz*) and worked hard. I tried my best, made a ton of mistakes but always tried to learn from them. Even with my gruff demeanor, I had an enormous heart and was a softy. Yep, I can be stubborn and dig my heels in for what I believe.  But, I did not and still do not see the wrong in that. I wanted and will continue to want the best for everyone that I love and adore.

I enjoyed being a police officer very much, private investigating wasn't bad either. I am a total KC Chiefs fan and to my dying day, yep that day, I was and am still rooting for them. I love some good old country music. I have been married the last 36 plus years to Lund Haley who I'd want you to know put up with my antics to the best of her ability and tried to keep me in, line but allowed me to be me !!! .As I always tried to do the same for her. We love where we live, couldn't ask for more than these 5 acres with a creek running through it as I said when I first spotted the property so many years ago. I'm hoping she will continue to enjoy the beauty we found so appealing as we first built. We loved the creek, deer, coyotes, ducks and geese and we even had a "hippo" in our creek a few times to the dismay of everyone but Sienna and Lund. They saw it and I BELIEVE them.

To those I cherish, it's going to take time but we have so many memories to keep us in a good place, hold them close.

To my children, Denise, Cheryl and Steven I want nothing but the very best for you and will continue to hope for that from afar, plain and simple, BE HAPPY IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE IT'S ALL YOU HAVE. To my grandchildren, great grandchildren, I'm proud of all of you. Grandfather loves you even though we didn't spend a great deal of time together. Moosey Rose, glad I got to see you become a mom, take good care of SR, I'm so proud to be your grandfather. You deserve the best !!!

DT and Belle - I LOVE the both of you very much and wish I'd gotten to spend more time with you. You both mean the world to me. Continue to make me proud.

Brandon and Jax ~ Thanks for the good times, and being my "grand kids". Still think I'm way, way too young to be your grandfather.

Michael next door, you are the best dad a child could ever ask for and please continue to be that. I love watching you raise your children and being in your life and theirs. I'll be keeping an eye on you as you finish up the garage. Remember to insulate !!!. We had some good times over the years. Thank you Kelli for being there for both Lund and I. Neighbors is not us ~  WE ARE FAMILY and I thank you both for that. Thank you for being my neighbor, my friend, my FAMILY.

Sienna - You are and will always be Nay Nay's and my girl. Having you in my life was a blessing I could have never dreamed of. I will always be keeping an eye out for you so fulfill your dreams and "Be your own kind of beautiful."  You have the best heart !!! and it is my hope you will continue to love animals. Make me proud.

Mick - my best friend. This hurts me as much as you because we always had a lot to talk about. You are my best friend and the trust and love we share can't and will never be broken. Continue to make me proud. You can and will go to great places in your life, I just know it. I believe in you and will be keeping an eye on you. WPL

Emery - Continue to be YOU. You are wild and I will be watching you become a beautiful long legged woman. Some day sweet girl, some day those guys... ..Daddy better keep an eye on you. Make me proud.

Cruz - Hang in there buddy, you are a special one, with so many people around you that will always love and support you. I'll be doing it also.

James Clark - Thank you for being my friend. I love you.

Bierer - Best partner and friend a cop could ever ask for.

Love being Unc to both Babykins and J, keep your heads up, you are both the best. Ally ~ You go girl !!!

Cuzin - I truly believe you are one of the most special people God placed on this earth. The memories I have with you, oh my gosh, laughter, side splitting laughter that I will carry in my heart. I trust and believe in you. You are the best mom and My* & Landy* are lucky to have you.

If I didn't mention you by name , it's not because I don't care about or love you but geez, let's drag this out. If I ever hurt you, it wasn't my intention, and I apologize.

In the end - it's all about choices and I made a bad one and paid with my life.  hopefully you'll all understand and let me be at peace. My life the last few years were hard, all the health issues, surgeries, and pain.  It's hell getting older. Know I am truly in a better place. Best of all I get to see my dogs again which makes me happy and no more surgeries !!!

Let's remember the good times.

Now I think I'm going to grab some Las Corrales, top it off with some Russell Stover's and listen to a little Chris Stapleton...





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